Inspiring Others to become SFDC Superstars

Inspiring Others to become SFDC Superstars

A little over a month ago I interviewed a member of our Orlando Salesforce Developers Group for a position at my current organization.  Laurie was not actively working in a Salesforce Admin role but she was eager to advance her skills and start a new career path.  In the end they ended up going a different route but Laurie did not let that dissuade her.  Today I received the best email of the year from her.  Below is the conversation:


Thank you for all you have done for me!!!  I really appreciate the last talk we had, you motivated me to the point of no stopping me now.  I was ready to accept the position with you and get this new career started but I'm glad you found someone more suited for the position.  When we hung up, I mentally checked out at my current position - I had a new goal.  I registered for my Admin 201 and passed it this morning!!!!!!  Wooo HOOO!

I was really looking forward to working with you and still hope we work together at some point.  If there is ever an open position where I am, I'm calling you up  :-)

Keep in touch.  

Laurie Bayles, Salesforce Certified Administrator!

From Me:  

Is it okay if I share a screenshot of your email and cert?  This is a wonderful email and I think others should see it.  Maybe it will be the catalyst to inspire someone to take a jump they have been putting off!

Shane Jay Hayes
Salesforce Architect and Developer

Orlando Salesforce Developers Group - Co-Founder/Organizer

Sure you can share it. Sometimes we just need the one person to motivate us. 😀 

You sent my life in a new direction. I'm going to have to take a pay cut but this is the career I want. 

Always looking for a mentor so feel free to share any knowledge with me. 

Thanks again


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